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Let's start building our cloud with virtual machines. You could use bare-metal machines as well, the configuration would be the same. Given that most readers (myself included) will be using virtual infrastructure, from now on I'll be referring strictly to VMs.

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Hi , I have 3 VPS with random static public IP’s (174.93.50.XX , 174.93.51.XX , 103.225.228.XXX) running Ubuntu 16.04 . Can you please help me with this?

#Allow all inter-node communication

Assuming the public IPs won’t change, you could try this:

#Allow all inter-node communication
-A INPUT -s 174.93.50.XX   -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -s 174.93.51.XX   -j ACCEPT
-A INPUT -s 103.225.228.XX -j ACCEPT

You’d want to lock this down to the individual IPs of each node though, it seems unnecessarily dangerous to permit access from anybody else’s VPS :slight_smile: