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My first introduction to Kubernetes was a children's story:

Why would you want to use Kubernetes for your self-hosted recipes over simple Docker Swarm? Here's my personal take..

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Had not seen the video before. Very cute. I’ve managed to create a bare metal cluster at home which I’ve been experimenting with (started with kops on AWS to learn basics). I have an ansible playbook to destroy and create the cluster because I’m still learning and trying out new things. My goal is to replace my swarm that runs my email, gitlab, etc. Any of those recipes for kubernetes would be my vote, but I’m a glutton for punishment :slight_smile:

BTW, it’s an HA cluster with 3 masters and 4 workers. I’ve been collecting mac minis for years and decided to install ubuntu on them all and put them to work. Eventually, it’ll migrate to production in the garage once I’ve worked out the kinks.


Nice one! If I ever re-invest in bare-metal at home, that’s what I’ll do too. A friend who’s been instrumental in my Kubernetes journey also uses Mac Minis (along with NUCs and rpis) for his home fraken-cluster :slight_smile:

It’s a slippery path for sure though. You gotta be vigilant of how you start to appear to others. I got real hard into eBay Nehalem-era machines and almost threw my life away fiddling with iPXE and ProxMox. It put me ahead of the curve on some things but I think the sweltering heat took something out of me.

Humor aside, nice write ups. Information of this nature never stays fresh for long.