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Once the cutting edge of the "internet" (pre-world-wide-web and mosiac days), Usenet is now a murky, geeky alternative to torrents for file-sharing. However, it's cool geeky, especially if you're into having a fully automated media platform.

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I have a dedicated server running all theses services as docker containers.
I’m always interested in doing some progress, but i don’t see the point to run the autopirate stack in swarm rather than in simple docker container.
I mean , for theses services we don’t really need high availability and load balancing is not a problem.

Am I missing something ?

Hey @sorg :slight_smile:

One advantage of running all the auto pirate tools in the stack are that you can benefit from service discovery. I.e. you can tell Radarr to talk to the host called “sabnzbd”, and since both containers exist in the same swarm, they’ll be able to discover each other.


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@funkypenguin : I have the exact same behaviour with all my docker containers set up in a single docker-compose file and connected to the same bridged network.

By the way one wonderful trick i have learned in your cookbook is the way to add a proxy with oauth2 in the middle. This is great for all these services for which i want to keep some kind of protection from the outside world.


This recipe looks awesome. I’m excited to start on it! I’m going to try to adapt this for Docker for Windows, since that’s what I know :confused:

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I signed up, paid, and I’ve been watching this for a year. This is BS. Don’t sign-up, unless you see something that works. It’s a bunch of links that go nowhere as far as I can tell!

Hi @slappycat2 - can you highlight what’s not working?

like everything is not working but a bunch of ill written self-advertising posts?

@funkypenguin I’m really surprised by the above comments. I find your page to be absolutely invaluable to the general public.
I’m in the process of converting from docker-compose to Kubernetes. Your posts are very clear and articulated extremely well.
Just thought I would give you my perspective. Keep up the great work~

Thank you @netfx :slight_smile: :pray:

It’s a big step, but sooo worth it. Docker gives you a good foundation for Kubernetes. Let us know how it goes!


I agree, I’ve found your guides invaluable in getting my home lab set up. If anybody is having trouble with them, they’re probably just bad at following directions.

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Thanks for the instruction !
Just deployed the whole stack with Kubernetes.
I’ve automated everything with argocd and gitops.
I’ve used qBittorrent instead of rTorrent and Homarr for my app dashboard.
Used Hashicorp Vault for credentials.
Also automated cert-manager and dyndns.
I’ve also allowed my Kubernetes env to access to my GraphicCard for better perf on Jellyfin.
My project is actually private but will probably made it publicly accessible as soon as everything is finished.
Actually i just have a little problem where Radarr search doesn’t query well indexer while its working directly from Prowlarr or Sonarr.