Shared Storage (GlusterFS) - Funky Penguin's Geek Cookbook

While Docker Swarm is great for keeping containers running (and restarting those that fail), it does nothing for persistent storage. This means if you actually want your containers to keep any data persistent across restarts (hint: you do!), you need to provide shared storage to every docker node.

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GlusterFS work for me with 3-managers Docker Swarm like a charm :wink: . It is installed inside VM OS not containerized. And it is working 100% with fault tolerance and tolerate sudden shutdown and ft node unavailability.

Chef is so complex compared to GlusterFS.

Hi @funkypenguin!

Can you please fix the found it to be flawed link in the “Why GlusterFS?” part of the article?

It’s not working… :slight_smile:

@funkypenguin I too would like to know why you found GlusterFS to be flawed so that I can make an informed decision whether to use it or not, but the link you provide is broken.
Doing some digging, your flawed comment is from at least 2017 so things must have vastly improved since then?
I’ve had a good read of the GlusterFS documentation and it seems really straight forward and easy to use compared to Ceph.