Server Build! What OS?

Hey guys,

Looking to build my first home lab server and I had planned on adding a lot of the scripts provided by funkypenguin. I’ve been reading some and trying to figure out which way I’m going to go with this.

I do plan on using it to learn about docker setups etc, hoping to set up some services etc.
Also plan on running the Pirate stack and use it as Plex media server.

What OS should I be aiming for?
Unraid, does it work with docker-compose?

Alot of these questions have been coming up, and I’d love to get some feedback. Thanks

Hey @Chopsting, I let this post go stale, sorry :frowning:

How did the server build go? Are you still looking for input?

  • David

Hey @Chopsting, I’m glad I’m not the only one going down this exciting path. I am also curious to know what would be best.

I am currently between using my Win10 PC to host everything directly or to use it to run some VMs instead or to use some Pi4’s that I have laying around. Let’s see how it all goes yeah?

Hey @HisMessengerDAB! FWIW, I run my stacks on Ubuntu 18.04, which is also what the CI for the premix repo is using. I’ve been tempted to migrate to 20.04 for the “cool new shiny” factor, but haven’t had the time to dabble yet :slight_smile: I’d recommend sticking with Ubuntu 18.04 if you want to stay on the “the path well-trodden” :wink: