NZBGet for AutoPirate

I’d like to see some instructions for how to add NZBGet to AutoPirate please

NZBGet Hompage Docker Image

Due to popular demand, here’s the addition of NZBGet :slight_smile:

One gotcha - you have to disable NZBGet’s own authentication to make it work with the OAuth proxy. Which I’m fine with, since we’re trusting OAuth for everything else anyway.

Patrons, the pre-mix repo has been updated too.

Bon appetite! :hamburger:

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Thanks for the speedy turnaround!

One thing to note, on your website you state that you need to remove the password from AddControl in order to disable the built-in authentication. Actually, you need to remove it from ControlPassword (the default is tegbzn6789)

All working though :grin:

Aah, thanks, I corrected the recipe for ControlPassword :slight_smile: