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Nightscout is " open source, DIY project that allows real time access to a CGM data via personal website, smartwatch viewers, or apps and widgets available for smartphones"

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I was wondering if you have a tutorial on how to set up in CyberPanel pre-defined dockers.
I can add value to it.

Mmm, not yet, but Cyberpanel looks interesting… can you point me to some details?

I pull the docker image.
CyberPanel (WebHost platform) lets me add Environment variables such as BG_HIGH and on the right side, I can then put the value such as 10.0 without the = sign.

Not sure what port I should use for the docker install.
It lets me port forward the 1337 port to any port I want, and I can also forward the port using Litespeed to any domain of my choice.

My main goal is to try and get NS to work with MariaDB, as that’s what CyberPanel uses.
But I can let the docker run internal databases.

Aah, gotcha.

While I had Nightscout working in docker-compose, in the end, for my “production” install (my 8-year-old daughter), I decided to go the Heroku / Mongo Cloud Atlas route, simply because I didn’t want my tinkering to impact her monitoring.

Sadly Heroku is shutting down free dyno and I’m not paying for that service, if I can host it myself on my own VPS :slight_smile:
I just got to figure out the way to do it.
I feel it’s the same was as many other uses it, but docker configs are quite confusing.

They are? Oof. I’d better start planning a migration myself!

Starting November 28, 2022, free Heroku Dynos, free Heroku Postgres, and free Heroku Data for Redis® plans will no longer be available. If you have apps using any of these resources, you must upgrade to paid plans by this date to ensure your apps continue to run and retain your data. See our blog and FAQ for more info.

I’m trying to understand Heroku’s pricing to work out what it’ll cost… if it’s only a few dollars / month, I’m inclined to just (begrudgingly) pay up, to avoid rework and moving what’s been a 100% reliable service elsewhere…

Found this on facebook.

I’d be happy to collaborate on recipe(s) to run Nightscout on various platforms, if you’re interested. We can do a screen-sharing/recording session to get yours setup, and use it as a POC to help all the other geeks who’ll be in the same position…

Hai, i know i am late with a reply, but sadly your forum has too many restrictions.
I can’t upload images, I can’t post links to more than 1 URL, etc.
I can’t post my images at all even embedded.
I tried posting the whole tutorial for using CyberPanel, but it refuses me.

The restrictions are by design, to keep the forum clean. Have you considered posting your tutorial into a GitHub repo, and then just posting a link to that repo?

I posted it on my own website just now as a tutorial article :slight_smile:

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