Flux is a set of continuous and progressive delivery solutions for Kubernetes that are open and extensible.

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during "flux bootstrap github " you may encounter such error :

SSH key scan for host failed, error: ssh: handshake failed: EOF

If you are behind a firewall whish block github 22 you can bypass with an argument like that :

flux bootstrap github --owner=MYNAME --repository=MYNAME/MYREPO --personal --path bootstrap --ssh-hostname

Thanks for the tip @jmmassou! I’ll amend the recipe to include this :+1:

TIL that github runs an SSH server on port 443 :slight_smile:

~ ❯ nc 443                                                                                                                                                            09:59:42

followed this, deployed flux successfully - but - I have my own hosted gitlab that I use instead of github, so, so far so good. Thing is - flux does not deploy anything, no kustomizations are actually getting in kubernetes cluster. I try commands flux reconcile, list, etc. - no error that it would not do something, but also, nothing gets deployed that i added, not even podinfo sample. Any clue why is that?

Should this install and bootstrap process be repeated on every master node, or only the first master node?

It’s only necessary on the first master - the bootstrap gets the flux controllers into the cluster, so once it’s done, it’s done :slight_smile:

Try logging flux’s source-controller pod, it may tell you why it can’t connect to your gitlab…

strange as it is, now it is working… i recreated everything again. What is bothering me is that I have followed guide exactly as before and now it is working. Quick question - so everything that I want flux to deploy and maintain, it needs to be under the ./flux/ repo? Or can it check other repos and deploy from there?