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Home Assistant is a home automation platform written in Python, with extensive support for 3rd-party home-automation platforms including Xaomi, Phillips Hue, and a bazillion others.

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Have you tried connecting any services which require local network access/service discovery? I wasn’t able to connect to my Philips Hue bridge using this compose file because the Hass container–being in that internal network–isn’t seeing the broadcasts from the Hue bridge in my physical network when I push the button on the bridge. I was able to get this working using a MacVLAN, but it’s a bit clumsy, and I’d prefer not to use MacVLANs if I don’t have to.

Sadly, I’ve not. I had some sort of hacky solution for a time based on pipework, but in the end it just wasn’t a good fit for a swarm. I moved my hassio instance onto a raspberry pi for a while, but that turned out to be underpowered for what I wanted, so it’s now a standalone proxmox VM!

Is it possible to just run the homeassistant container with net=host?

Not in a swarm. If you want to use homeassistant in a swarm right now, you can use macvlan if it works for you, or use other reporting mechanisms that don’t rely on broadcast like MQTT brokers.