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Bad idea to just run helm init as it carries no security by default.
Their own documentation… though late in it, tells you to enable TLS to secure it:

Thanks Thoerik, that’s a great point. If you’re using helm against a local K8s instance at home, lack of TLS is no big deal, but I agree it should be taken seriously when working in prod, or with an external cloud provider! :slight_smile:

Would be good to update this for Helm 3, which doesn’t require tiller anymore.

Thanks @itssimon - I’m on the cusp of refreshing the entire Kubernetes section with a new deploy methodology based on GitHub Actions - check out GitHub - geek-cookbook/deploy-helm-chart-with-github-actions: A template repository for deploying a helm chart into a Kubernetes cluster using GitHub Actions for a preview.

Watch this space! :wink: