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GitLab is a self-hosted alternative to GitHub. The most common use case is (a set of) developers with the desire for the rich feature-set of GitHub, but with unlimited private repositories.

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Hi! What about port 2222? In the labels, I see how port 80 is getting handled through Traefik but not how to ssh in.

Good point. At the time, Traefik couldn’t do TCP forwarding, but I believe that now it can. So the recipe as-is, would require you to SSH the IP of the docker node running GitLab - It would be interesting to see whether we can adjust this to allow for a TCP ingress now…

I become this error in my gitlab_gitlab container!

Configuring /home/git/.postgresqlrc to avoid version mismatch on dumping
- Detected server version: 150003
- Generating /home/git/.postgresqlrc
15 postgresql:5432 gitlabhq_productio
- Uninstalling unused client(s): postgresql-client-13 postgresql-client-14 
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)