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GitLab is a self-hosted alternative to GitHub. The most common use case is (a set of) developers with the desire for the rich feature-set of GitHub, but with unlimited private repositories.

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I’m having a generally miserable time with gitlab running in the docker container. I get 502 timeouts just about everytime I got to the website or with git push. Are you seeing similar issues? I had no problems running a standard install on similar hardware (16GB RAM, Core i7, NvME ssd).

I didn’t really encounter a problem with my gitlab stack, and I kicked the tires a bit with CI, etc. When I did run into performance problems, they were due to other factors, like underpowered VMs or slow ceph disks (virtual-ceph-on-physical-ceph didn’t work great for me!)

Still no love here. Often have to do a push multiple times before it succeeds. Very frustrating.

Want to upgrade to the latest version. When you say “execute updates simply by redeploying the stack” do you stop the stack first? Or just run “docker stack deploy gitlab -c <path -to-docker-compose.yml>”?

I think you’d have to stop the stack first. But it’s probably worth testing for future reference :wink:

Incidentally, is it just the pushing that’s the problem, or the UI, CI, etc?

I see it with the UI as well. I changed GITLAB_UNICORN_MEMORY_MAX=524288000 which helped the UI some, but I still sometimes see the web UI timeout with 502s. I also added to the docker-compose file:

      cpus: '1.0'
      memory: 900M
      cpus: '1.0'
      memory: 2000M

And it turns out just doing the stack deploy without stopping is enough to upgrade it to the latest version.