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Like the Docker Swarm "private cloud" design, the Kubernetes design is:

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One thing that’s confusing from this post is the usage of the HA proxy.

In case we are able to install Traefik for SSL Termination ( I haven’t yet seen examples where I can actually use multiple replicas using V2), would we still need HA Proxy? Pl elaborate.

Would you have suggestions on how to integrate Traefik with Cert-manager so we can use a replicaset in K8s world?

Thanks for following up, @Santo_Kum!

The HA proxy takes the place of a cloud-provider’s load balancer. It may be less applicable now, but at time of writing, a load-balanced public IP from GKE would cost you $30/month, whereas a little VM running haproxy could be had for ~$2.50/month :slight_smile:

(Of course, you could just use the cloud provider’s load balancer, and disregard HAProxy)