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The AutoPirate recipe includes Lazy Librarian, a tool for tracking, finding, and downloading eBooks. However, after the eBooks are downloaded, Lazy Librarian is not much use for organising, tracking, and actually reading them.

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Hi, I’m new to docker swarm and especially the possibilities of the keycloak forward-auth service. I’ve set up a lot of what I wanted already and I’m trying to use keycloak as the forward-auth wherein most of your examples here, you have a5huynh/oauth2_proxy as the auth proxy.

What I’m wondering is how do I get keycloak to work with apps/containers that have their own user authentication service (especially if I want to allow multiple users to access one particular app/container and not another). For example, in calibre-web I have accounts for each of my family members (we also take advantage of opds to sync with mobile readers) and I want to authenticate them but not allow them to access other services like sonarr, traefik dashboard, etc.

Sorry for the ramble, I should have lead with the tl;dr but here it goes: Can keycloak authenticate against an app/container existing user authentication based on username or email?