Backup Docker Volumes (especially Databases)

I followed a few of this site recipes. Very well explained and so useful!

I was wondering: What is the best way to backup the volumes of my Docker Swarm cluster ?
Should I simply backup the Gluster bricks (yeah used old method) ?
But in there the various databases are in raw form as they are in the source OS, it’s not db dumps in simple text files.
I ask because I seem to read it’s best to backup dumps because as db are often and quickly changing dumps are best to ensure data integrity.

Thank you

Hi @jpbaril!

Yes, I’ve found that it’s best to avoid backing up the “actual” database, and rather backup the database dump - I split out the “runtime” data in the recipes (see Data Layout |・∀・), so that you can more easily add it to an exclude list in whatever backup tool you prefer: