30 Nov 2021 / Slam-dunk 🏀 opportunity to win swag credit, and learn Kubernetes!

In the past few weeks, I’ve been powering through refreshing the Geek Cookbook’s Kubernetes Edition, sitting the CKS exam (which I forgot I booked on Black Friday last year!), and scrounging around for Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals! In the process I stumbled across Digital Ocean’s Kubernetes Challenge (which is a slam-dunk if you use the Geek Cookbook!)

Geek Cookbook, Kubernetes Edition :ferry:

The Kubernetes section of the Geek Cookbook was embarrassingly out-of-date, with comments from as far back as 2019 about content which was “coming soon:man_facepalming:.

I knuckled down over the past few weeks and refreshed the whole section, starting from whether to go managed or bare-metal, to how to deploy/build a cluster in either case, and how to use my opinionated FluxCD GitOps deployment strategy to start rolling out the necessary supporting infrastructure for certificates, DNS, load balancing, secrets, storage, etc.

Kubernetes Certifications / Training :woman_teacher:

As it happens, on Black Friday 2020, I bought the discounted Linux Foundation Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist training/certification, which I promptly forgot about until I realized last week that it expired 2 days later!

I figured I’d take a swing at the exam anyway, and quickly crammed on the curriculum items I’d not used much before. To my mild surprise, I managed a passing grade, so I’m now a SAP+CKA+CKAD+CKS :partying_face:

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend the last-minute-cramming approach though - the bundle offered for Black Friday does actually include a high-quality training course, which should prepare you for the exam and teach you the concepts you need to know.

If you’re interested in any of these certifications, there’s currently a 50%-off deal running for Cyber Monday.

Digital Ocean Kubernetes Slam Dunk :basketball:

While scouring for Cyber Monday details, I stumbled across Digital Ocean’s Kubernetes Challenge, which may be of particular interest to you, if you’re thinking about getting into Kubernetes…

Why a “slam dunk”?

  1. You get free “cloud credit” to create a managed Kubernetes cluster on Digital Ocean. This means you can follow the Geek Cookbook’s Kubernetes guide for Digital Ocean, and experiment/learn without paying anything.
  2. Just for participating, you’ll get:
  3. $150 to donate to your project of choice in Open Collective
  4. $100 gift card to be used at the DigitalOcean Swag Store
  5. $50 gift card to be used at the CNCF Swag Store
  6. At least one the challenges are directly covered in the Cookbook already (based on the Kubernetes Edition revision I just finished), so you could work your way through the cookbook, blog about it, and claim your prize!

That’s it for now, geeks - as always, swing over to Discord to say hi!