22 Jan 2021 / CyberChef 🤖, request-a-recipe, ansible <3 VMWare

Hey Geeks!

This week we have a new recipe, a fancy backlog, and a VMWare treat for premix sponsors!

:robot::woman_cook: CyberChef

Proving that even government-sponsored keyboard-monkeys :monkey: have a sense of fun, this week’s recipe is “CyberChef”, developed and maintained by the GCHQ. (please don’t extradite me, just poking fun!).


It’s a handy web-based frontend to some common (and not-so-common) calculations and conversions you may need in your daily #geeklife. For example, you may find yourself needing to:

… if so, call on the CyberChef!

:raising_hand_woman: Request-a-recipe

I’ve beefed up our GitHub issue templates - now there’s a beautiful template you can use to request a recipe, making sure that all necessary details are captured for the fastest-possible delivery! Check out the list of upcoming recipes here.

:cookie: VMWare support in premix

Sponsors have long had access to the Ansible playbooks which will deploy an entire stack in a few minutes. Until recently, users could either auto-deploy their VMs using proxmox (via terraform), or skip the VM-deployment step and jump straight into recipes. Thanks to my fellow :wine_glass: snob @nshores, we now have an equivalent playbook for auto-deploying geek-cookbook stacks using VMWare. Thanks Nick!

That’s it for now - as always, swing over to Discord to say hi!